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Let me tell you, these little soap bars are a lifesaver for any trip. Not only are they made with luxurious white tea, but they come in 0.5 oz mini sizes and are individually wrapped. Perfect for packing in your carry-on or leaving in your guest bathroom for visitors to use.

I especially love that they come in a bulk pack of 200, making them a great investment for Airbnb hosts, motel owners, or anyone who loves to have guests over. Plus, the rectangular shape adds a touch of modern sophistication to any bathroom.

- Individually wrapped for hygiene
- Bulk pack of 200 for long-term use
- Luxurious white tea scent adds a touch of elegance
- Mini size perfect for travel and guest bathrooms

- The white color may show dirt or smudges easily

Overall, I highly recommend these BERGMAN KELLY Hotel Soap Bars for anyone looking for a chic and practical amenity for their guests. They're easy to pack, smell amazing, and come in a bulk pack for long-lasting use.

Bottom Line: 9/10, these little soap bars are a must-have for any savvy traveler or host!

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