Cleanliness is Next to Eloise-ness: A Review of the Desert Breeze 1-Shoppe

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There's nothing worse than going on vacation and realizing you forgot something essential. That's where the Desert Breeze 1-Shoppe All-In-Kit comes in clutch, my fellow wanderlusters. With 75 pieces of hotel-sized amenities, this soap set has got you covered, whether you're staying at a fancy hotel or an AirBnB that may or may not be cleaner than your own apartment.

First of all, can we talk about the variety in this kit? It's not just soap and shampoo, y'all. There are also lotions, conditioners, and even a shower cap (because sometimes you just don't want to wash your hair on vacation, you know?). Plus, the Desert Breeze scent is delightful - it's fresh and slightly floral, but not overpowering. Basically, it's like taking a mini spa day every time you use one of these products.

Who is this kit good for, you ask? Well, obviously it's great for people who like to travel (duh). But it's also ideal for hosts of AirBnBs, VRBOs, and other vacation rentals. You can make your guests feel super fancy without breaking the bank on full-sized products. And if you're someone who likes to keep a fully stocked guest bathroom at home, this kit is perfect for that too.

Now, let's get down to brass tacks with a pro/con list:

- 75 pieces means you won't run out of anything mid-vacation
- The Desert Breeze scent is lovely
- Ideal for hotels, vacation rentals, and guest bathrooms at home

- Some of the packaging (especially the shower caps) could be more eco-friendly
- The lotion is a little thin, so you might need to use more than usual to moisturize properly

Overall, I highly recommend the Desert Breeze 1-Shoppe All-In-Kit. It's convenient, affordable, and will make you feel like a fancy traveler even if you're just staying at a Motel 6. Plus, you'll never have to worry about forgetting your shampoo again.

Bottom line: 8.5/10 - a great addition to any travel or hospitality setup.

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